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Meet Sebastian Jara, the perfume guy

1. Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

I am Sebastian, YouTuber/Fragrance Reviewer, perfume lover. I have social media following on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and I keep them up, mostly every day.

2. What is your daily beauty/scent routine?

My daily beauty routine would be to do the normal day to day routine of shower, brush teeth, etc. I don’t do anything extra but my scent routine would be to test as many great perfumes as I can in one day then stick to the one I like for the rest of the day.

3. What are your beauty tips?

I should take beauty tips from others to offer my own beauty tips. LOL! So sadly, I do not have any to give. :(

4. What is your ultimate addiction?

Ultimate addiction would be Coffee but followed very closely would be Perfumes.

5. What is a fashion faux pas that you assume?

I’m a pretty conservative dresser and pretty self-conscious so I wouldn’t put myself in a place to have any fashion faux pas personally. But there certainly are many fashion faux pas out there in the world.

6. Are you a workaholic or a chill-out person?

I am totally a workaholic and if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be in the place I am today as I work full time and I run all my social media’s including working on 6 videos a week.

7. What is your stress relief?

Sit in a corner and do nothing and tune everything out. Maybe a glass of wine while sitting there.

8. Are you a breakfast, lunch, or dinner person? What is your ideal meal?

Breakfast for me, as I find Breakfast to be my favorite meal of the day but sadly, I don’t focus too much on it and dinner wins out in the end, but I love breakfast because it’s a new day and I can have coffee one of my favorite beverages.

9. What is your signature scent ingredient?

Patchouli will never get old or tiring, I just cannot get enough of patchouli.

10. What made you fall in love with perfumes?

My parents made me fall in love with perfumes. Well, they didn’t say, here fall in love, but because they wore perfumes that had smells I really enjoyed, I ended up falling in love with perfumes.

11. If you can create your ideal scented product, what would it be?

A scented bed with the option of controlling the smells to match them with my different moods. Why not right?

12. This is a space to feel free and creative. You can share anything you would like.

When will the pandemic be over?

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