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Born in Lebanon - Made in France

Vegan. Cruelty Free

Surprises. Emotions

A bit different on everyone

Composition & Ingredients

Made with less than 10 main ingredients to allow customers to recognize what they smell. We create luxury clean perfumes. Genderless notes... When possible, we use natural ingredients

The brand with no gender

Our focus and creative approach are inspired by you, all of YOU

Customer Reviews

I discovered this brand recently and I’m sure that I will continue to use it and to try other fragrances.

- Marco.

I think this is super nice. What I love about the house is that you always get much more than you pay for. The quality of fragrances is top notch and they perform very well on the skin.

- Nika A.

Amazing I am in love with this perfume and even purchased it as a gift for my sister. Love the smell and love the sustainability factor it was one of the reasons for my interest in the brand.

- Lara T.