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Our scents reflect a clear identity. You can relate to our fragrances.
It is not some vague concept. We create long lasting
perfumes with feelings.


Ludmila Bitar is an entrepreneur, beauty expert & art collector.

She is the founder of Ideo Parfumeurs, an independent fragrance brand. Being fed up with the industry’s dishonesty when it comes to ingredients and creation processes, Ludmila decided to launch her own perfume line which offers a unique balance between being luxurious and transparent. Her aim was to give the world a new vision on perfume creation guided by the nostalgia of how perfumes were created 50 years ago, when perfumers took time to create a scent full of emotions, memories with a daring touch.

Contradictory Energy




Creative Rules

Beirut is a gateway for influences from all of the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition, the millions of Lebanese diaspora in the Americas and Australia add an extra flavor to this city. This cultural melting pot and the city's many contradictions are at the core of what attracted Ideo Parfumeurs to Beirut: Ancient crafts traditions, yet a very modern tech friendly city. Disturbing urban chaos, yet beautiful heritage landmarks. Conservative culture, yet the city boasts an edgy and glamorous nightlife. Strict social rules, yet a sense of exhilarating freedom. Deep Middle Eastern roots, yet very European culture. Our poetic fragrances masterfully bring together this energy.

Sustainable Policy . Minimalism, technology and zero waste...

It’s hard work but some things cannot be avoided. It’s about small but regular steps for positive changes. Our packages are 100% recyclable and we are 100% made in France.

Last but not least, we've integrated into our customer's journey an amazing tool, Perfumastic. It is a unique entertaining test, that suggests in less than 2 minutes scents you will love from our collection. It works even for customers that know nothing about fragrances. With technology, we can help you optimize your purchase and limit waste. 

We will keep challenging ourselves and our brand to be better.