Ideo Parfumeurs DNA

Designed in Beirut-Lebanon, Ideo Parfumeurs builds on the city's unique creative energy and beautiful contradictions to propose elegant yet rebellious fragrances. 

Located at the center of the Mediterranean, Beirut is a gateway for influences from all of the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition, The millions of Lebanese emigrants in the Americas and Australia add an extra flavor to this city.

This cultural melting pot, in addition to the city's many contradictions are at the core of what attracted Ideo Parfumeurs to Beirut:

  • Ancient crafts traditions, yet a very modern tech friendly city
  • Disturbing urban chaos, yet beautiful heritage landmarks
  • Conservative culture, yet the city boasts an edgy and glamorous nightlife
  • Strict social rules, yet a sense of exhilarating freedom
  • Deep Middle Eastern roots, yet very European culture

Our fragrances masterfully bring together this energy, to deliver products with a timeless elegance, a touch of originality and a splash of freedom.

The process starts from an inspiration – a place in the world, an event, a legend, a feeling – and ends with a work of art.



The Founders - Her & Him 

LudmilaThe creative nose  

Originally from Algeria- started a successful career in cosmetics in Paris, when she was spotted by a leading perfumer as a “nose”; someone with a natural talent to identify and mix fragrances. This moment changed her career for-ever. Ludmila focused her training on strengthening her natural perfume creation talent, until becoming a master perfumer herself.

She has worked for the most demanding; L’Oreal, Takasago, Beyonce, Britney Spears…creating some of their most successful products.

AntoineThe storyteller 

Born in Lebanon- has in his personal story the soul of many beautiful destinations.

From Syria, to Egypt, France, Italy, Greece or Lebanon, he knows how to (re)create the emotions and legends of these Mediterranean destinations.

Together with Ludmila, he infuses these feelings into the fragrance creations.


Antoine and Ludmila are married with two beautiful daughters.