EDP - Malika's Temptation

- The Story: Coated with secret scents passed from princess to princess, Queen Malika tricked and captured her seamstress’ beautiful younger brother. The vanilla, labdanum and oud notes invade the room, capturing the senses of her attached prisoner. His body tries to escape. It fails; He just fell madly in love. Queen Malika closes the door, and walks slowly towards the young man. She won again.

- Olfactive Pyramid:

  • Top (Floral-Sweet) : Rose, Ylang Ylang,Praline
  • Hearth (Woody): Cedar Wood, Oud, Patchouli
  • Base (Amber): Amber, Vanilla, Various Musks

- Characteristics:

  • 100 ml
  • 18% concentration Eau de Parfums
  • All noble ingredients
  • Perfumer: Ludmila Bitar

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