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Meet Ayse Merve Demir, the lifestyle blogger based in London

1. Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

My name is Ayse Merve Demir, I’m a 21-year-old lifestyle blogger and a uni student based in London. I create content surrounding beauty, fashion, wellness and lifestyle.

2. What is your daily beauty and scent routine?

This would vary depending on what I am doing that day. However, lately my daily beauty routine consists of using a gel cleanser to wash my face morning and night, followed by a glycolic acid toner, a rich moisturising eye cream and a light face moisturiser. These four skincare steps are a staple in my beauty routine. As for my daily scent routine, I prefer light floral or citrus body fragrances.

3. What are your beauty tips?

The tips that I would share with everyone is to always prep your skin before applying makeup, as your makeup always looks more flawless when applied onto a prepped skin. I like to exfoliate using a scrub, followed by a light moisturiser and an SPF to prep my skin ready for my makeup. For non-makeup wearers, I recommend to always moisturise your face morning and night to avoid dryness and for the required daily hydration.

4. What are your favourite fashion brands, favourite beauty brands?

My favourite fashion brands are H&M, Topshop and Zara as I can easily find what I’m looking for and they always have a variety of items. My favourite beauty brands consist of Glossier, Dermalogica, Pixi Beauty and Benefit.

5. What are your sustainable daily gestures?

I use a reusable water bottle when I’m out and about, as well as carrying tote bags to avoid using plastic carrier bags. Also, I try not to buy packaged groceries to avoid the extra packaging waste.

6. What is your ultimate beauty addiction?

I love taking a day out for myself to fully pamper and go all out with my skincare, body care and nails. I usually do this on a Sunday, but during quarantine, I’ve been doing it more often. I like to start off by taking a nice long shower, exfoliating my body and moisturising with a body butter post shower. I like using a clay mask as the first step in my skincare routine to draw out the purities in my skin. I’ll then maybe apply a sheet mask depending on my skins needs and continue with my skincare routine that I’ve mentioned above. Lastly, I love taking care of my nails at home, as I grow my own nails I enjoy during a manicure and painting them too. I’d usually shape my nails, apply a base coat, a colour; usually a nude or red and then a topcoat.

7. What is a fashion faux pas that you assume?

A fashion faux pas that I’m not a massive fan of is clashing different prints in an outfit, as I’m more of a person who wears more basic and simpler outfit pieces.

8. Are you a workaholic or a chillout person?

I’d say I’m definitely both, as I enjoy doing something productive during the day that keeps me busy for a few hours. I prefer to use my evenings and nights to chill out and relax. This way I can break up my day into two by being productive and working during the day and chill out in the evenings.

9. What is your stress relief?

I like reading books to wind down and relieve my stress. If I’m not in my reading mood to concentrate on a book, then I would most probably be watching YouTube to get my mind off of what I am stressed about.

10. Are you a breakfast, lunch or dinner person? What is your ideal meal and food addiction?

I’m definitely a lunch person, as I skip breakfast majority of the time or just eat something small and quick to make. I thoroughly enjoy taking the time out of my day to prepare myself some lunch, as I enjoy lunch meals more often too. My ideal lunch meal is probably a chicken salad at the moment with an iced latte with it. I’m currently addicted to eating dates as a snack and a healthy alternative to a dessert.

11. What are your signature scent ingredients?

I love any scents that has the hint of musk, fruity and florals as well as citrus notes like lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. Scents with lavender are also my personal favourite too.

12. What made you fall in love with perfumes?

I always love having a range of perfumes that I will use on rotation depending on my mood and outfit that day. I also love that different scents and perfumes can bring back memories of a particular moment such as a holiday or happy times.

13. If you can create your ideal scented product, what would it be?

This is so interesting; it would definitely be something that is light and musky that has notes of florals and a hint of citrus as a top note. These scents would be perfect for a body perfume and a candle.

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