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Meet Nuria Molins, the healthy lifestyle & fashion creative from Spain

1. HELLO! Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

Hi there! 😊 my name is Nuria. I’m a healthy lifestyle & fashion creative from Spain living in London, UK. I’m constantly working on creative projects around the topics of health, wellness, fashion & eco-activism.

2. What is your daily beauty and scent routine?

I'm a pretty basic gal in terms of beauty/skincare. I like to wash my face with very cold water in the morning, hydrate with a nice vegan moisturizing face cream and apply make-up if I'm going somewhere or I'm simply just feeling myself haha! I tend to set my make up with Mario Badescu's aloe & rose water face mist to keep it hydrated & extra glowy. At night I like to take my make up off with a soothing face wash (I've been obsessed with Urban Veda's "Sandalwood & Botanics" range for sensitive skin, as I have super sensitive skin! - so I use their day + night face creams, face wash & face polish). In the shower I exfoliate my skin a couple times a week - not every day! And after I like to moisturize my whole body with either raw virgin coconut oil or a creamy body lotion (I'm currently using one from Rituals). I also use some toner around my jawline (mainly if I have a breakout/acne scars) and then moisturize again with my face night cream or some organic rosehip oil before bed. In terms of scent I've got various perfumes I like to use depending on my mood or the occasion. I tend to go for floral (rose/jasmine scents) and I love to spray some first thing in the morning, before going out or my work out! (I tend to use softer scents if I'm going gym or working out at home) and sometimes after my night shower - I love your "Roses de Grasse" Ideo linen perfume for this as I can apply it on my robe and bedsheets and smells so vintage & dreamy!

3. You use beauty products that are vegan/cruelty free? What made you switch to those products?

ALWAYS. I went vegan around 6 years ago and been consciously buying cruelty-free beauty products ever since. It was a brutal shock for me to discover the amount of beauty brands I admired that still do animal testing (or are owned by bigger companies who take these measurements). I feel like beauty & fashion should never be an excuse for allowing animal abuse, so I’ve been trying my best for the past few years to make more conscious choices when buying goods! Luckily by living in a place like London I quickly got to discover some new amazing brands that not only are cruelty free & vegan but also advocate for super natural/minimal ingredients. I’ve been obsessed with essential oils & raw ingredients when it comes to skin/hair care and most brands that make these tend to be cruelty free & vegan majority of the times!

4. How important do you think is the topic of vegan and cruelty free products in the beauty industry?

I think it's now becoming very popular thanks to the demand of people becoming more environmentally/animal cruelty conscious and demanding more transparency within the brand's products, but I do see a lot of big companies "green-washing" a lot of what they do and coming up with new "vegan ranges" to appeal more to consumers but still testing on animals. I personally hope companies that have been out for ever and have international presence become humbler and more honest and don't take this concept of being vegan as just another marketing strategy, but that it becomes part of their ethos in the future.

5. What are your beauty tips?

I think I maybe went in too deeply with my previous “daily beauty routine” question! Haha, but something I didn’t mention is tea tree oil and colloidal silver! I went through a very annoying hormonal acne phase that started about 2 years ago (luckily, it’s all in balance now again) and for the first time ever I became very insecure about my skin and researched A LOT on skincare products. Tea tree oil & colloidal silver are things I got recommended by my naturopath for topical use, as the main cause of my acne was hormonal so for me it was more about stress management & an alkaline diet. Colloidal silver is a natural anti-bacterial natural “water” I used to clean my face when I had really bad breakouts and tea tree oil I’d use specifically in the actual “spots”. Natural holistic skin remedies from mother earth.

6. What is your ultimate beauty addiction?

I don't really think I'm addicted to anything beauty related, but I do love a good sheet or hydrogel mask! Would use them every day if I could - not very environmentally friendly tho and pretty pricey (especially the ones I like) but yeah, I'm a sucker for hydration.

7. What is a fashion faux pas that you assume?

Having worked in styling and assisting some amazing fashion editors... I learned a lot of fashion faux pas can actually be used, it’s just all about style! Of course, I’m not talking about wearing dirty or super not ironed clothes, but I personally love wearing cute socks with sandals and having my underwear on show with some outfits. I also hardly ever wear bras (only use bralettes nowadays) and I’m all about freeing the nipple through semi-transparent tops, not afraid of my own anatomy.

8. Are you a workaholic or a chill-out person?

Definitely a workaholic I'm afraid I'm working on being at peace with taking time for myself and relaxing a bit more tho!

9. What is your stress relief?

Exercise! Definitely dancing and a good pilates/bodyweight workout relaxes me like nothing else does. Mindful breathing/meditation & cbd oil if I’m really anxious. I also love reading & drinking herbal soothing teas at night to clear my head and make myself sleepy.

10. Are you a breakfast, lunch or dinner person? What is your ideal meal and food addiction?

I ADORE breakfast, it's definitely my favorite meal of the day as I have a sweet tooth and well... my breakfasts are sweet 99% of the time. I have a lot of ideal meals; I love making my own big salads with grilled tofu & also avo on toast! I have a dark chocolate addiction (I eat some almost every night before bed! hehe)

11. What is your signature scent ingredient?

Just like my mom, I live for the scent of roses! Most of my perfumes have rose scent in them. I also adore cotton!

12. What makes you fall in love with a perfume?

I’m a person that never sticks with a specific perfume, I’ve always changed them up. I don’t know if it’s my Gemini sign making me get bored easily of scents but I personally associate scents with different times of my life, so if a new perfume makes me feel dreamy or nostalgic or brings that element, I’m most likely gonna feel a connection with it.

13. If you can create your ideal scented product, what would it be?

I don't have the biggest knowledge when it comes to perfumes or scented products. My own scented product would probably be a rose & cotton vegan candle with a beautiful pastel lilac/peachy design.

14. What do you like about Ideo Parfumeurs?

I love that you focus on bringing luxury & quality products to the market whilst still being super considerate about the environment and the animals. I love that you don't use toxic ingredients and that you still have the most beautiful aesthetic whilst being proudly a vegan company. Also, the fact that your perfumes scents are so dreamy and vintage like it's something that captured me instantly, as I've felt that connection I was talking about earlier with a lot of your scents.

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