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Meet Raneem Ghassan, the dentistry student spreading positivity

1. Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

I’m a 21 years old Syrian dentistry student, who loves fashion and makeup. I also use my platform to spread positivity and promote volunteer work.

2. What is your daily beauty and scent routine?

My routine ranges from skin care to hair care to scent routine. I start my skin care with double cleansing then applying toner, serum and moisturizer. As for my hair routine I make sure to moisturize it daily before going to bed. Lastly my scent routine consists of multiple lotions, body mists and of course perfumes.

3. What are your beauty tips?

Applying sunscreen daily is a very important step to prevent uneven skin tones and early wrinkles, sleeping on silk pillow case to protect your hair from breaking and prevent sleep wrinkles, moisturize twice a day, drink plenty of water, use an enzyme based scrub twice a week to remove all the dead skin and enhance skin regeneration. And most importantly do not sleep with makeup.

4. What are your favorite fashion brands, favorite beauty brands?

I love so many brands but recently I’m purchasing mostly from Zara and Shein as for beauty brands, I like MAC and NARS.

5. What are your sustainable daily gestures?

There are many methods but lately I’ve been focusing on cutting the use of plastics and replacing them with metal (ex: metal straws).

6. What is your ultimate beauty addiction?

My obsession is definitely applying masks and meditation, it really helps with relieving the stress.

7. What is a fashion faux pas that you assume?

There are many but wearing different prints in one outfit is a deal breaker for me.

8. Are you a workaholic or a chillout person?

I’m definitely a workaholic, but giving yourself a break every now and then is a must!

9. What is your stress relief?

A full day at the spa and yoga are definitely my favorite ways of relaxing.

10. Are you a breakfast, lunch or dinner person? What is your ideal meal and food addiction?

Breakfast is my favorite especially that I’m a morning person. My ideal meal consists of a french breakfast with black coffee.

11. What are your signature scent ingredients?

Jasmine scents are my signature. In general, I love all flower-based perfumes and mists.

12. What made you fall in love with perfumes?

I mean who doesn’t love to smell good! The kind of perfumes you like to wear says a lot about you and its one of the factors that helps make a first impression of someone. Some people underestimate the importance of it and that’s wrong.

13. If you can create your ideal scented product, what would it be?

As I mentioned before I’m a huge fan of Jasmine scents but I would add a twist to it with Musk.

14. This is a space to feel free and creative. You can share anything you would like.

Your outfits, hairstyle, makeup helps in making a statement and makes it easier for people to understand your perspective on things, whether you’re an easy-going person or a glam queen. You can rock any category as long as you are confident in yourself. Self-love is very important and will reflect on others. Each of us has a way of portraying herself so never compare yourself to anyone and keep doing YOU and whatever makes YOU happy!

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