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Louvre Abu Dhabi

The New Art and Culture Destination

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, an international art and culture museum, is a newly established facility located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. First opening its doors on November 11, 2017, the highly anticipated opening came a decade after an initial agreement between the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Abu Dhabi government was made. This agreement, in which the French museum granted use of their namesake to Abu Dhabi, paved the way for the development of the diverse and innovative hub of art and culture. The building, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, hints at the priceless gems hidden inside with its masterful, floating dome-like structure. In fact, visitors who traveled from around the world to attend the sold-out opening day event listed the building itself as one of the most fascinating highlights of the museum.

Inside of the museum, some of the world's most renowned art connoisseurs were delighted to discover one of the most expansive and multifarious art collections in existence on opening day. With a mix of international works, arranged chronologically and thematically, experts agree that the Louvre Abu Dhabi offers an impressive glimpse into world history. Separated into 55 different areas, many have described the museum as a mini-city which features collections of the greatest art from all civilizations under one roof. Exploring each global exhibit one by one, visitors describe a feeling of traveling through time, and around the world, at the same time. Beginning at the start of humanity and eventually ending up in the modern world, the Louvre Abu Dhabi exposes the similarities and differences between societies and cultures. In the end, however, visitors discover that the museum has unveiled a bigger picture, which inevitably showcases the beauty and complexities of human nature.

Not limited to one region, culture or media format, the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum is rapidly becoming a hotspot for art and culture enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Whether travelers arrive in Abu Dhabi with an interest in architecture, modern paintings or an appreciation for the beauty of nature, they will find much more than they are seeking at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.


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