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French Touch Music - Vol. 5

The French language is music to most people's ears because it sounds so beautiful and eloquent. So, it's hardly surprising that the French have the magic touch when it comes to creating music. As you would expect, Paris has a thriving music scene and is also home to the popular Pitchfork Music Festival that is enjoyed by millennials who like “avant –garde” and underground music.

Discover our Niche Play List.

French Kiss:

Dominique Dalcan “Snooze” / Small Black Piece of Field
The Blaze / Virile
Max Day /
Sexy Sensible
La Femme /
Sur la Planche
Petit Biscuit /
Eddy de Pretto /
Brigitte /
Juliette Armanet / L’Amour en Solitaire
St Germain / Sentimental Mood
Vianney / Moi aimer toi
Sébastien Tellier / Sexual Sportwear
Angèle / Je veux tes Yeux
Bigflo & Oli / Dommage
Motorbass / Ezio
Bon Voyage Organisation / Goma
Cheek / Venus (Sunshine People)
Fantom / Faithful
Pomme / Sans Toi
Romeo Elvis x Le Motel / Dessert
Lolo Zouaï / High highs to Low Lows

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