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Perfume Tips : How To Match Your Lipstick With Your Perfume

Two of the most sensual things about a woman is her lips and her aura. Combine a luscious lipstick with a fabulous fragrance and you'll have the seductive prowess that will leave men feeling weak at the knees. So if you're looking to leave a lasting impression, it's important to consider what lipstick goes with your perfume of choice. Learn about the art of selecting two products that will leave you looking and feeling sensational.

The Lips

We kiss with them, we sip with them, we angle them with finesse to create coy little smiles -- they're one of the sexiest parts of the body. In fact, when they are coated with lipstick, men are more likely to be drawn to them for longer. A study at Manchester University in the UK showed that men will look at a woman's lips for around seven seconds when she has applied a lip stain.

The Aroma

Our sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses. A pleasant aroma can take us back to a moment in time where we can relive the joyful experience associated with the scent. There's no denying that fresh floral or fruity citrus fragrances can make you relive those long, free summer nights.

A woman who wears a fragrance well will attract attention because she will exude elegance and she may even look more attractive. Research conducted by the Monell Chemical Senses Center revealed that women's faces are rated more attractive in the presence of a pleasing smell. This means that wearing a niche perfume with the right lipstick will give you that irresistible edge.

A Powerful Combination

Kate is a business woman who has it all: beauty, intelligence and an elegant lifestyle. She exuberates confidence and is very much in control of her life. Always taking pride in her appearance, she carefully outlines her full lips with liner before applying a hydrating lipstick to keep her lips smooth and noticeable for hours. Just before she leaves her house, she sprays herself with one of her niche perfumes to complete her style. Kate is now ready to be the powerful, captivating woman she is.

The Right Match

Consider the following tips when matching your lipstick and perfume:

If you want beautifully hydrated lips, opt for a floral romantic perfume to create a warm spring ambiance. Fragrances like Ideo Perfumers Last Canto and Weekend a Fontainebleau will complement fresh, plump lips. If you prefer a lipstick that is both matte and hydrating and lasts a long time, then you are definitely an oriental fragrance woman. Yves Saint Laurent's Opium and Guerlain's Shalimar are known to stimulate the senses and leave a lasting impression. If you wear a long-lasting lipstick that goes on effortlessly then you are a fresh, fruity citrus kind of lady. A dash of Chanel No. 5 Parfum or Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino will awaken the senses and leave you smelling summer fresh. If your statement color is a highly pigmented formula that hugs your lip, then a woody fragrance will complete your style. A spritz of Marc Jacobs Decadence Rouge Noir Edition or Dior's Miss Dior will add to your sex appeal. New perfumes offer excitement and your best niche perfumes are your signature scents that add to your appeal. A fragrance that complements your choice of lip color will double the impact and the pleasure.



Our Selection


Kosås - Stardust + Thrillest
Rituel de Filles - Forbidden Lipstick Against Nature Color
Guerlain - KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour
Lancôme - Rouge In Love Lipstick


Sugarpill - Trinket Liquid Lip Color
Beauty Bakeries - She's Just Jelly Lip Whip
Besame- American Beauty
Maybelline - New York Color Sensational Vivids


Charlotte Tilbury - Matte Revolution Lipstick
Milk Makeup - O.G Red
M.A.C. - Lipstick / No. 10: Clinique High Impact Lip Colour
Shiseido - Perfect Rouge Lipstick
Chanel - Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Colour

Fruity - Citrus

Laura Mercier - Crème Smooth Lip Colour
Face Stockholm - Cream Lipstick - Lemon-lime
Origins - Flower Fusion Hydrating Lip Color
Clinique - Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick
Neutrogena - Moisture Smooth Color Stick


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