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Great Summer Ingredients - episode1

This summer I will review some of the best summer perfume ingredients

Episode 1 - Apple

Why use it

Today, I want to talk about Apple. Yes Apple is an amazing ingredient used in many perfumes. It's light and fresh scent works well in the easy to wear perfumes you can find in the summer. Apples are often associated to childhood memories, and can trigger comfortable memories of a sweet childhood. Afterall, Apples are one of the first fruits babies experience, and a regular feature of growing up.

How to use it

I have used it in some creations for private Bespoke clients. The trick is not to make it overwhelming. It is such a powerful memory trigger that people tend to percieve the Apple scent more than other ingredients.

The why Not

The other problem with Apple ingredients, is its overuse in the Shampoo industry. People now tend to associate the smell with taking a shower!

Off-the shelve selections

All About Eve by Joop! is one of those fresh perfumes that uses apples as a key feature. It's a nice perfume

DKNY Be Delicious Eau so intense has also managed to create a nice fresh fruity fragrance, using Apples as a key feature.

Nina by Nina Ricci. A very easy to wear perfume. In this one, the Apple is used to give a sensual touch to a rather citrusy scent. 


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