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Keeping your Linen Fresh

There are several ways to keep your linen always fresh and smelling as if you were in a SPA or a luxury hotel.

Linen Perfume

It comes in a bottle much like a spray perfume and it is available in many scents. Perfume your linen once a week, or when needed. You can also spray your bed and pillows before going to bed at night, for an amazing feeling and a good night sleep. 

Anti-moth Perfumed sachets

A sachet is simply a small bag filled with either potpourri or powder to fragrance a drawer or closet.  Replace them every 1 to 2 months to keep the scent going. Our Ideo Parfumeurs sachets also act as great anti-moth scents, providing a clean smell and protecting the linen!

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Store Extra Candles

You can also keep your favorite scented candle open in your closet. It will provide a lingering perfume to scent your linen.

Discover our collection of scented candles here

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