Body - Prison Blues

Eau De Parfum | 100 ml


Serene Charisma . Addictive love . Whispered Masculinity

Spicy . Woody . Leather

Top (Spicy): Cardamom, Bay Rose, Black Pepper 
Hearth (Woody): Geranium, Encens, Cedar Wood
Base (Leather-Woody): Patchouli, Labdanum, Oud, Muscs

Long lasting | 18% concentration | Allergens list available on pack


"Prison Blues Eau de Parfum: A "manimalistic" creation. A suave and experienced combination of Lebanese cedar, black pepper and geranium, rich but not overwhelming." - The Times Magazine

"Prison Blues perfume... the combination of aromas give this creation an intoxicating aroma." - MayFair Magazine

"I am in love with this fragrance!!!! Its in my top 5 fragrances of all time. (there, I said it! :-P)" - Fragrantica

"This is a hard love. This has all of the contrasting qualities I enjoy in fragrance ... I ordered my bottle directly from their website. I’m in the United States - so I was hoping I’d have the opportunity to smell it within a month or so. Well - i had it in 3 days. That’s right - international shipping in 3 days. Incredible. If you haven’t purchased this yet - quit being a dingus and buy it." - Fragrantica

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