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Lingerie | Linen - La Fleur du Mexique


Lingerie Perfume | 50 ml

A sensual linear perfume with a mix of tuberose, Jasmin, amber, white musk, juniper and ylang ylang.

12% concentration . Longevity: 4-6 hours 

Made in France.

White Flowers | Amber | Oriental

Don’t use directly on the skin, Safe on Linen.

"A celebration of the most glamorous of white flowers. The creamy fragrance has been called ‘the sexiest scent of all time’ and this particular tuberose is the night scented variety from Mexico. Smooth, sensual and narcotic." - The Perfume Society

"What an amazing idea, the white flowers, particularly, the tuberose gives a sophisticated and sexy twist. It is very pretty and elegant." - Fragrantica

Vegan . Cruelty Free . 100% Recyclable Packaging

Made with less than 10 main ingredients, to allow customers recognize what they smell.
When possible, we select natural ingredients.

  • Certified IFRA - European Union
cruelty free, vegan, recyclable

Lingerie | Linen - La Fleur du Mexique