PDL - Gibson Girls

- The Story: She had just gotten back from work, and was already getting ready to go out. Her friends looked at her with a mix of envy and despair. She was after all one of the few girls in the New York of 1923 to have a job. But in many other ways, she was also exceptional. She had a boyfriend, and did not hide it. She competed in sports against men, laughed very loud, dressed sensually, and was always on the run, whilst always managing to be the most elegant. They were a few others like her, society called them the Gibson Girls. They were the talk of gossip papers, the fantasy of men, the envy of women and for many a model to follow. Bring up the Gibson Girl in you.

- Woman Profile: Lingerie perfume for exceptional women

- Characteristics:

  • 50 ml
  • 12% concentrated
  • Safe on Linen
  • Made in Grasse, France




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