SC - Esprit de Kadisha

- The Story: The deep silence was regularly broken by the crackling of the flaming wood. Occasionally, a flash of light illuminated the dark but magnificent Kadisha Valley, hidden in the majestic mountains of Lebanon. The hermit knelt and closed his eyes. He loved those long moments of meditation. He prayed for all those persecuted, for the suffering, but also for the other hermits hidden in the many caves of the Holy Valley. Carried away by the burning incense, their prayers raise to heaven. Free your spirit. 

- Olfactive Description: An oriental smokey wood note with cedar-wood, incense and smoked-wood accord. Warning: Extremely relaxing.

- Characteristics:

  • 40 hours clean burning time
  • 100% cotton wick
  • All noble materials
  • Unique fragrance created in Grasse, France by Master Perfumer Ludmila Bitar
  • 180 grs / 6.3 oz

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