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Perfume Tips : Which Perfume To Match Your White Blouse?

A simple white blouse is a must-have piece for any summer wardrobe. With all of the styles out there, you can dress them up for a night out or go extremely casual for beach wear. The style you choose can, and should, also complement your fragrance choice. The last thing you want to do is put on a strong musk when you're going to spend the day in close quarters or outside. Instead, you want to make sure your entire outfit of the day matches, from your clothes to your scent. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Casual Chic

For that effortless, upscale look that works pretty much everywhere but the office or on a red carpet, you can always put comfort first. Simple cotton fabrics in unfussy styles work well with a fresh and light cologne. Try a Wilfred Huang Blouse if you want a bit of convertible style. These tie-on tops let you adjust the fit and look. H&M has a ton of cotton tops to choose from that range from a standard T-shirt to off-the-shoulder blousy looks. The J. Crew Tie-Shoulder eyelet top brings a bit of the bohemian to your casual chic look.


Lace, flowers and embroidery all bring to mind bygone eras and epic romance. For a truly romantic look, pair your white blouse with a mix of floral-powdery scents that have a delicate note. The Chloe Ruffled Cotton and Silk-Blend Blouse looks almost renaissance and very feminine. With the Flow the Label Batiste Ruffled Blouse, you get a bit more structure, so it is a combination of old and new. The Rebecca Taylor Nouveau Eyelet Top is another romantic option. Featuring modern T-shirt lines combined with a high Victorian-esque color and a hint of lace, it hits a lot of high notes in the romantic category.

Timeless Bohemian

Bohemian styles range from ethnic designs to top-quality fabrics and a wardrobe that puts comfort at the top of the list. Pair scents that are woody with resin notes, like sandalwood, opopanax or encens, with a touch of white musk to play up your bohemian background. Then, top your look with the Caroline Constas Jolie Puff Sleeve Top, Apiece Apart Medina White Tie Neck Top or even a men's white dress shirt. All of them combine a flowing silhouette with comfortable lines.

Sexy and Sleek

A hint of spice with a glamorous Oriental accent is the perfect combination to create a look that draws attention. Pair it with warm food smells like vanilla or rich scents like amber to really stand out. Then, pull on your tied-up button-down shirt or any silk blouse. Add a pink bow to the neckline, and you add some visual interest. The Elizabeth and James Linden halter tank leaves a lot of skin on display while still keeping your look elegant and sophisticated. The Zara halter top with eyelet details lets you dress up the most office-friendly bottoms for any after-work activity.

For a complete head-to-toe style, you should start by pairing your clothes with your accessories, including the perfume. Your top really sets the tone for the rest of your outfit, and a white blouse is a wardrobe staple. Make sure you have enough white to last through the summer, all the way to Labor Day.

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