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Music : Vitamins & Minerals Playlist - Vol. 4

When Ludmila goes to the gym or for the occasional jog, she never forgets her water, pepper spray (don't ask) and her super vitamins songs. These are sure to give you that extra boost you need to showoff to that annoying, and over performing treadmill neighbor.

Royals / Lorde
Fela Kuti / Beasts of No Nation
Kelis / Milkshake
Tshegue / Muanapoto
Queen / We will Rock you
Nina Simone / Be My Husband
Amoudou & Mariam / Dimanche a Bamako
Louise Attaque / J’t’emmène au Vent
Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars / Uptown Funk
The Beach Boys / Good Vibrations
Abba / Dancing Queen
Feist / 1234
Joni Mitchell / Big Yellow Taxi
Gorillaz / Fell Good Inc
The Knack / My Sharona

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