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Timeless Vs Trendy: Which Perfume Are You?

Whether you are a fashion guru who is in touch with all of the latest and greatest fads or you are more comfortable with sticking to the basics, chances are that you have a unique style that is all your own. This style likely effects how you are perceived by everyone around you. Your bold stilettos, for instance, may offer a glimpse into your fierce personality while your modest flats may reflect your more reserved nature. The same is true of your fragrance. While there are a myriad of elegant fragrances on the market, there are two distinctive types of elegance when it comes to perfumes: timeless and trendy.

Timeless Perfumes

Timelessly elegant perfumes are the epitome of classic, feminine glamour and style. They never fade out of style and it is simply impossible to make a fashion faux-pas by wearing one of these time-honored scents. Regardless of the occasion, they conjure up images reminiscent of Hollywood's Golden Era in which actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis set the standard for grace and sophistication. Classic perfumes tell the world that you are confident and poised. They often include hints of floral and other natural notes that can be worn day or night without reservation. Many women find that their signature scent is a classic.

Trendy Perfumes

Trendy perfumes certainly have their place in the world of beauty, but the statement that they make is entirely different from that of the timeless fragrances. Adorning a trendy scent presents a more daring and contemporary side of your personality. Many trendy perfumes reach their height of popularity and then slowly fade away. This means that they may be cutting-edge on the fashion scene one day and then old news the next. They may be inspired by current celebrities or contain a strong presence of scents that coincide with other fashion fads. While they are an excellent way to spice up your beauty regime for special occasions, they are generally not worn as signature scents at the risk of the scent going out of style.

Scent plays a powerful role in first and lasting impressions so it is wise to carefully consider the aura your perfume is projecting to the world around you before spritzing it on.


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