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Perfumes Tips : The Perfect Scent for a Bride

Women around the globe spend years anxiously awaiting, daydreaming and inevitably planning for their wedding day. This highly anticipated ceremony is much more than a public celebration of your unconditional love and unwavering commitment; it is your fantasy becoming a reality. This whimsical day will forever be coveted in your mind as the day you began your very own version of living happily ever after. You recognize the monumental importance of the day and tediously agonize over every small detail; the look of the venue, the sound of the band, the taste of the food and the feel of your dress.

With all of the chaos associated with wedding planning, it is easy to overlook your sense of smell. The sense of smell, however, is a powerful one that is capable of conjuring up memories and powerful emotional responses. The scent that you choose to wear as you enter into matrimony will undeniably evoke memories for a lifetime, but choosing a worthy essence is no small feat. Your scent should be evanescent but intriguing and complementary to your personality.

In many parts of the world, such as the Middle East, brides opt for a more sensual lingerie perfume in lieu of traditional body perfumes. Because the fragrance is not applied directly to the skin, lingerie perfumes are ideal for brides with allergies or for those who want a more subtle fragrance. Many women also find that the use of lingerie perfumes is a great way to boost their confidence while also spicing up the age old game of seduction with their partner.

Whether you are a classic romantic, energetic and self-confident or outright glamorous, Ideo Parfumeurs Lingerie Perfumes proposes three unforgettable scents for brides:

Rose de Grasse

Rose de Grasse by Ideo Parfumeurs is a classic, romantic scent. It is sensual and alluring with subtle hints of earthiness hidden amidst the powerful notes of rose. The light and airy nature of this perfume projects a timeless elegance. Suitable for every bride, Rose de Grasse will likely capture the hearts of hopeless romantics. 

Gibson Girls

Gibson Girls is another intriguing scent from the Ideo Parfumeurs Lingerie Perfume line. Gibson Girls is inspired by extraordinarily bold and brilliant women. The scent is energetic and forges a vision of a glamorous yet mysteriously chic bride.

La Fleur du Mexique

La Fleur Du Mexique by Ideo Parfumeurs is a dangerously stimulating aroma that conveys an air of classic Hollywood-era glamour. Brides who aim for glitz and glamor on their wedding day will revel in the subtle yet tantalizingly exotic floral notes of La Fleur Du Mexique.

New In - Musk En Blanc

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