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Perfume Tips : How To Match Your Denim To Your Perfume

Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics out there. You wear it as a jacket, use it for accessories, and of course, everybody owns at least a few pairs of jeans. How you wear those jeans and the perfume or cologne you use as an accent can totally change your look. Here's a quick style guide with some great denim and perfume pairings.

Basic Denim Styles

Every closet has at least one pair of jeans, but there are tons of options when selecting denim. From distressed to cleanly pressed and straight leg to bootcut, there's a jean out there for anyone. Relaxed fit jeans and jeggings even offer a more comfortable fit for those who don't enjoy the stiff feel of new denim. When pairing your clothes up with a perfume, it's important to consider overall style.

Classic Style And Scent

Flower lovers can pair up a nice floral scent with the iconic look of a white t-shirt on top of classic Levi's. Tuck the shirt in and add a belt to dress this extremely casual style up a bit, or go for a more grungy and active look with an untucked shirt and casual kicks. Either way, the floral scents from your perfume will brighten up the look.

Active And Outdoors

If you like the great outdoors and enjoy woody notes with some opopanax to cut through, distressed or well-worn denim is a must. Not only is it more comfortable, it goes well with a scent that brings the outdoors inside. When you pair up this type of denim with woody scents, you get a combo that lets you feel comfortable in virtually any setting.

Fit For Foodies

If exotic and spicy describe you, a tight-fitting jean is a must to go with your oriental and food-based scents. For the foodies out there who enjoy trying new things and an international palate, this pairing is a great choice. Skinny jeans give you a lean silhouette to help balance the richness of the notes in an oriental perfume.

Clean And Casual Chic

Sunny citrus scents go great with high-fashion denim choices like low-rise or peek-a-boo jeans. Citrus is a clean and fresh smell that doesn't overpower, much the way a comfortable low-rise jean makes a quiet statement. Plus, peek-a-boo denim is a great choice for warmer weather when citrus smells really come into their own. An orangey or other citrus smell can't help but remind you of summer. Heavy layers just weigh down a light and glowing scent like citrus.

Scent Pairings For Denim Lovers

Your perfume or cologne is the last accessory you add to an outfit. It needs the same consideration that you'd give to any other piece. When you wear a smoky musk with a daytime casual look, it can be a bit confusing. For a complete look from head to toe, you want a perfume that enhances your style.

Lighter scents set off denim shorts, especially when combined with fragrances like vanilla. Rich woody scents go well with a thicker denim or double denim outfit designed for real work. Florals go great with classic styles, matching some of the great casual runway looks. Oriental and musky notes go well with lean silhouettes and dressy tops. Make sure you have a scent to go with every pair of jeans, the same way you stock shoes for any occasion.

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