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Meet Kathleen, the teacher with a secret identity

1. Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

I am a teacher with a secret identity. When the school day is over, I become Scentifolia, a perfume lover. I love sharing my passion on my instagram and I am also delighted to contribute to Parfumista , a French perfume blog featuring perfume news, reviews and interviews.

2. What is your daily scent routine?

I don’t really have a scent routine. There are about 30 bottles in my fragrance wardrobe, which is not a huge collection. Each fragrance fits a situation and a season, I choose my scent of the day intuitively. I am no doubt influenced by the weather, my outfit or my plans for the day, but I finally pick whatever I am in the mood for.

3. What are your fragrance tips?

People often ask me how to make perfume last. I personally moisturize my skin with an unscented or a matching body lotion before spritzing on my perfume, it really helps locking the scent in. I also target the pulse points, like the nape of my neck or my wrists. However, I don’t apply perfume to my body when it’s really hot ; I prefer misting my hair or my scarf !

4. What is your ultimate addiction?

I am not a perfume addict, I am a perfume enthusiast. It makes a real big difference to me, I see the glass as half full and not as half empty. My passion positively impacts my everyday life : I meet inspiring people from all over the world and get even more creative and self-confident !

5. What is a fragrance faux pas that you assume?

I must admit I love layering fragrances. I never combine complex accords though, I enjoy mixing and matching light fragrances from a single note, from the same family or from complementary ones. Creating and experimenting is fun !

6. Are you a workaholic or a chill out person?

I do work a lot but I know when I need to take a step back and focus on what matters most. I go down my list of priorities to be more efficient, I am the organized kind.

7. What is your stress relief?

I often hike through the Cévennes with my family. We just enjoy nature and peaceful surroundings…

8. Are you a breakfast, lunch or dinner person? What is your ideal meal?

I am an afternoon tea person. Chilling and chatting over a warm fragrant cup of tea and French pastries is an enjoyment !

9. What is your signature scent ingredient?

I am a rose lover. Roses can be classic, sophisticated, voluptuous, romantic, you name it ! A rose perfume is like a little black dress to me ; it is elegant, versatile and timeless.

10. What made you fall in love with perfumes?

My first olfactive memory dates back to kindergarten, I couldn’t get enough of the comforting smell of wax crayons and playdough ! I discovered niche perfumes when I was a teenager, I was captivated by these unexpected and creative accords. Since then, perfumes trigger my imagination and make memories speak, I do my best to describe and share the unique stories they tell.

11. If you can create your ideal scented product, what would it be?

I would create a device that would improve wellbeing. It would understand your emotions and pick the right scent for you ; the one that would relax you before a stressful event or cheer you up when you’re down.

12. This is a space to feel free and creative. You can share anything you would like.

As we’re facing challenging times, I’d like to quote Sonia Rykiel : “Perfume is like a parenthesis, a moment of freedom, peace, love and sensuality in between the disturbances of modern living.”

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