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Discover The Fresh Magic Of Sparkling Citrus

Perfumes have been around for thousands of years and will always be considered a necessity by many because a pleasant scent speaks volumes. Citrus perfumes in particular are fresh and light and make a statement without appearing ostentatious.

The History Of Perfume

It all started with the ancient Egyptians. They used fragrances for religious ceremonies, burial preparations and to make themselves smell nice. In fact, the wealthy elite would embellish themselves with pleasant aromas to denote their status.

Perfumes became increasingly popular and were adopted by other nations like the Greeks and Romans throughout the centuries, but in 1190, it all changed. The Parisians embraced the perfume culture and began to produce it commercially. From there it blossomed into the large industry we know today.

Citrus Scents For A Collected Mind

Citrus fragrances are renowned for their fresh pleasant aromas and their energizing properties. Some studies have shown that smelling lemons and oranges can lower your stress levels and make you feel less anxious.

One study involved giving stressed lab rats a chemical called linalool, which is a component of lemons. The researchers then measured the stress-elevated levels of lymphocytes and neutrophils which are key parts of the immune system. The results were impressive. The levels had almost returned to normal and the linalool had also reduced the activity of more than a hundred genes that are associated with stress.

Another study looked at how oranges might be effective in lowering anxiety levels. Researchers at the University of Vienna's Neurological Clinic used an orange scent in a dentist's waiting room to see if patients would feel calmer. They did. The research showed that the patients who smelled the orange scent felt less anxious and more positive overall.

A Sunny Disposition

A citrus scent will help you to feel calm, alert and optimistic. There is a variety of amazing citrusy perfumes to choose from, such as Ideo Parfumeurs' Tarbouch Afandi and London to Mumbai, Hermes' Eau d' Orange Verte or Guerlin's Eau Imperiale. These fragrances will give you that effortless, chic style while evoking an image of youth and vitality because light perfumes with an elegant twist naturally make the wearer feel more confident as their senses are engaged.

Our sense of smell is the strongest of the senses, so it would appear that you're more likely to remembered for how you smell than how you look. With that in mind, it won't matter too much if you wear the wrong attire because if you want to give a good impression, wear a light, uplifting citrus fragrance. Ideo Parfumeurs have produced scents that encapsulate elegance in a bottle.

A Happy Home

A citrusy scent can also be found in a selection of home perfumes, so you can add some zest to your environment.

Home is the place where we live and spend time with our friends and family. We like our home to look nice and represent who we are. Personal accessories like scented candles, soaps and linen perfumes can make a home complete. The positive scents and memories go hand in hand because our sense of smell is the most powerful sense.

A scented candle like Souvenirs d'une Princesse can add a touch of citrus floral magic to your abode. Its orange blossom and neroli scent will produce a calm, inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy entertaining, eating and relaxing. The citrus smell will infuse your home with positive energy.

If one thing is clear, it's that fragrances are powerful. They can lift your mood and help you to be the person you want to be.

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