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A versatile capsule wardrobe for summer

We like sustainable and timeless items, with of course, a personal touch. Do not underestimate the importance of natural fabrics and quality, we invest for several years in our clothes and no longer in disposable clothes.

Base colors: white, blue, beige and off white
Accent colors: it is all about your skin tone

- Basic T shirts 
- White shirts: 100% cotton or linen in white and pastel colors
- Denim shorts
- Classic blue blazer, chose it a little oversize
- White snickers
- Nude and camel flat sandals
- Summer dresses, with floral printed or stripes
- Neutral trousers
- Light wash blue jeans
- A white Jeans
- A navy trousers
- Skirts: white and creamy white

TIPS ALERT: bet on accessories and trends of the year for a more personal touch.

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