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5 Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Scented Candle

In times of covid-19, we are all working or studying from home... What better way to bring warmth and wellness to your home than with a beautiful scented candle? The perfume is long-lasting, and the candle will provide light and enhance the ambience of any room. If you are not sure where to start, here are five things you can do to ensure you get the best candle for your desired environment.

1. Choose the Right Scent

First of all, think about the kind of scent you would like for your home or office and the effect you want it to have on your environment. If you want to feel refreshed and energized, then opt for a citrus scent like orange blossom or neroli. If, on the other hand, you want to create a serene atmosphere, then go for scents like lavender or chamomile.

2. Choose the Right Scented Candle

Choose scented candles with cotton wicks, because they allow better diffusion of the scent. Also, consider the type of candle wax you would prefer. The two main types are vegetable wax and mineral wax. Vegetable wax is a tiny bit more ecological than mineral wax, but the longevity of the scent is usually compromised. Mineral wax is the better option if you want the scent to diffuse optimally.

3. Where Should You Place a Scented Candle?

Place your candle on a strong, heat-resistant surface, away from curtains and fabrics. If you have more than one candle in the same room, be sure to space them at least 8 cm (3 inches) apart so they don't melt each other.

4. Candle Lighting

When you use a candle for the first time, it should be lit for around three hours if possible, as this will ensure that the perfume is integrated into the wax. Thereafter, light your candle for 30 minutes to 3 hours maximum.

5. How to Look After Your Candle

After using your candle, trim the wick so that it is 0.5 cm (1/8th of an inch). This will ensure that it burns evenly when it is lit again. Also, remove any soot that has gathered at the sides of the candle holder, as this will prevent the soot from hindering the scent when the candle is reused.

Scented candles are one of the best ways to perfume a room and make a space more pleasant. These simple tips can help you make the most out of your scented candle.



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