Grenade Explosive Soaps

Pomegranates hold in them the secret for an eternal youth. For a couple of weeks only, and in a few blessed villages on the Mediterranean shores, pomegranate trees release their invigorating fragrances. Our products are packed with an ephemeral moment, that of the pomegranate season.

Release these rare and energetic essences.


The Mediterranean shores have always been the cradle where soap masters created the best soaps in the world. This is where we looked for the best traditions. Produced from natural and noble ingredients from the highest quality, our bar soaps are crafted from this traditional know-how. All hand-made by artisans in Lebanon from cold pressed olive oil, with 100% natural perfumes. 


  • Hand-made with olive oil
  • All noble ingredients
  • Natural fragrances and colors. Paraben-free
  • 100 Grs / 3.5 Oz per soap
  • Pack of 3 soaps

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