Souvenirs d'une Princesse Soaps

A citrus floral note, inspired by the typical Italian Neroli flower.

Warning: Will transform your bathroom into a garden


When the graceful « Neroli » arrived at the palace for the festival, all the guests turned. Anne-Marie de La Tremoille, princess of the city of Nerola was beautiful and elegant. She passed through the great hall slowly, her eyes crossed that of the other women, and the one more interested of the men. The competition in this little world was very intense. But she had her secret weapon, the essence of orange blossom. She permeated her clothes with it so that her trail was always fragranced. "Neroli" was simply unforgettable.

Discover the secret.


The Mediterranean shores have always been the cradle where soap masters created the best soaps in the world. This is where we looked for the best traditions. Produced from natural and noble ingredients from the highest quality, our bar soaps are crafted from this traditional know-how. All hand-made by artisans in Lebanon from cold pressed olive oil, with 100% natural perfumes.


  • Hand-made with olive oil
  • All noble ingredients
  • Natural fragrances and colors. Paraben-free
  • 100 Grs / 3.5 Oz per soap
  • Pack of 3 soaps with a free Lifestyle pouch

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