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FragranticaNews and Trends

"Another brilliant thing was Ideo Parfumeurs with their amazingly talented young perfumer, and subtle, easy,
but not low-brow compositions. Created for people who love and feel fragrances."

The Times Magazine - The 10 Sexiest Perfumes

"Prison Blues Eau de Parfum: A "manimalistic" creation. A suave and experienced combination of Lebanese cedar,
black pepper and geranium, rich but not overwhelming."

Vogue UK - What to Try and What to Buy

"Weekend a Fontainbleau and London to Mumbai Eau de Parfums are Standouts."

Elle Deco UK - Exotic Aromas

"So when we learned that Beirut brand Ideo Parfumeurs fabulous scented candles cost just 35 pounds we were very impressed
- especially as the quality is second none ( Make a beeline for " Jasmin de Beyrouth", a heady explosion of white flowers,
and " Souvenirs d'Une Princesse", an unforgettable Orange Blossom aroma."

The Scented Letter - The Scented Letter

"Most tempting. Get Malika's Temptation pronto we advice."

Muddy Stilettos - 7 Stunning Candles for Mother's Day

"A cool new- ish brand whose candles give great "throw"( basically, they smell strong and true." This one turns
your living room into a Mediterranean garden at dusk."

The Pool - Kerry Potter on Scented Candles

"My living room, meanwhile, is currently dominated by newish cult brand Ideo Parfumeurs "Jasmin de Beyrouth."

Colognoisseur - Reviews

"I am impressed with this debut collection. M. and Mme. Bitar have  done a creditable job in their first attempts
as an independent perfume brand. If their releases are similar to Prison Blues I'll happily stay in this fragrant gilded cage."

Scent & The city - Lust in candle form

"Our new favourite candle is more seductive than Veuve Clicquot and barry White combined."

Grazia UK - What's new beautiful?

"Rose d'Orient combines oud with our favorite flower." 

Mayfair Magazine - Prison Blues

"Prison Blues perfume... the combination of aromas give this creation an intoxicating aroma."

Kensington & Chelsea Magazine

"Ideo Parfumeurs  Esprit de Kadisha candle excels ,with oriental wood and incense coming together in a striking Lebanese
inspired combination by husband and wife team." 

The Sunday Telegraph (April 10,2016) - What Does Your Candle Say About You?

"Ideo Parfumeurs candles... for candles nerds. The hip and new brand."

Red Magazine - 3 Niche Fragrances You Need to Know 

"Weekend a Fontainebleau perfume... A simmering Chypre."