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Bloom Collection - Girls Are Fun

$110 USD$140 USD


Roses De Grasse | Lingerie & Linen Perfume | 50 ml

Gibson Girls | Lingerie & Linen Perfume | 50 ml

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✔ Certified IFRA - European Union

12% concentration | Don’t use directly on the skin | Safe on Linen


Roses De Grasse

Olfactory Family: Floral . Green . Musky

A Romantic Weapon . Modern Nostalgia . Roses flamboyance

A linear creation with a mix of Roses de Grasse and Bulgaria, green accord, mimosa and various musks.


Gibson Girls

Olfactory Family: Floral . Fruity . Amber

A Strong Weapon . An enveloping warmth . Juicy creamy dynamic twist . Innate sophistication

A linear creation that is a mix of peach, gardenia, tonka bean, rice powder accord, leather notes, Iris and Labdanum.

Vegan . Cruelty Free . No Gender . 100% Recyclable Packaging

Made with less than 10 main ingredients, to allow customers recognize what they smell.
When possible, we select natural ingredients.

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  • Certified IFRA - European Union

Allergens list available on pack.

cruelty free, vegan, recyclable

Bloom Collection - Girls Are Fun

$110 USD$140 USD