Lingerie | Linen - Musk En Blanc

Lingerie Perfume | 50 ml

Olfactory Family: Aldehyde . White Flowers . White Musk

A Charm Weapon . A precious White Musk illuminated by a warm seductive light amber and subtle flowers. 


"It's an absolutely comfortable and soothing scent, neutral in terms of gender and olfactory characteristics. Just clean and pleasant, nice and warm." - Fragrantica

"It is really quiet and tender, like all very intimate things. If you prefer delicate aromas or decide to take a break from bright perfumes - this is a great option." - Fragrantica


Vegan . Cruelty Free . Love You

12% concentration | Don’t use directly on the skin | Safe on Linen | Made in Grasse, France

HOW TO USE: check the pic with the tips.

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